martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

My reality tonight: I have PMS

Yesterday, a friend of mine wrote on her Facebook-wall that she had the feeling she had PMS. I added a comment „me too“ - no one on her wall thought my comment was funny and no one bothered to ask me why I had PMS...if I am a man.

Certainly, I have to admit that I was kidding when I wrote the PMS comment, but I knew it would come soon because in autumn I get depressed.

Today I don't feel good, I have the feeling I have PMS.

Don't think I am trying to be funny, I am not assuming, I am talking based on reliable information!

Tonight for dinner, I cooked the recipe I posted in my blog on September (blog: my emo-side is on vacations), I had a glass of white wine and I called good friends today.

Well, these are only dry facts, without feeling and are not giving you an idea of how I feel tonight. This is what really happened:

FACT: The dish I cooked for dinner is supposed to be shared with friends
MY REALITY TONIGHT: half a portion of my food is now resting on a Tupperware in the fridge

FACT: The glass of wine I had is an excellent (and expensive) Austrian Riesling,vintage 2009
MY REALITY TONIGHT: The wine it tasted like shit

FACT: I called friends and some friends called me
MY REALITY TONIGHT: The friends I called did not want to talk to me and I was not interested in talking to the friends who called me

FACT and REALITY: I knew tonight I needed to stay home, write a blog and hear sad songs (and drink no wine). Right now “Anyone else but you” by Moldy Peaches is playing, before it I heard “Always on my mind” by The King.

...if I were a woman I would be about to bleed to death

P.S. I would like to apologize if a woman thought my last sentence was sexist
P.S.2. if you are a man, have you also had the feeling you have PMS?

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